cedeze Fast heating Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat - 1500W Electric Ceramic Tower Heaters Indoor Portable, Overheat & Tip-Over Protection

  • $66.99

Brand: cedeze

Listing Date: 2020. 07.11

1. Easy Control: Just slightly hold the power knob and rotate it to your desired heating mode (fan / 750W low heat / 1500W high heat)
2. Quick & Quiet Heating: The state of the art ceramic heating technology enables the heater to heat up its ambient area within just three seconds when set in the high mode without producing disturbing noise
3. Wide-Angle Oscillation: With a broad range of 80° rotation to distribute warm air evenly from side to side, this highly energy-efficient space heater brings you soothing warmth covering the maximum possible area surrounding you
4.Safety & Protection: The tip-over safety switch and the overheating protection provides enhanced, double safeguarding, exempting you from any safety-related apprehension
5. Ideal for Indoor Use: This portable tower heater measures only 18in / 46cm high and weighs approximately 4.0lb / 1.8kg; its compact size and built-in carry handle provide extreme flexibility and convenience, allowing you to place it anywhere you desire