lometer 3Pcs Duo Eyebrow Brush and Spoolie & Eyelash Comb Curlers & Steel Brow Brush Comb Makeup Grooming Tool

  • $9.99

Brand: lometer
Listing Date: 2020. 04.13

1. An ergonomically shaped metal eyelash comb,the design allows you to simply brush upwards, rather than twisting your hand to brush

2. Eyelash comb is suitable to brush product through the eyelashes, or to dry brush before or after curling the lashes

3. Eyebrow Brush design of double head is unique and versatile, you can use it evenly to separate eyebrow hair for a perfectly groomed look in order to enhance eyelashes with or without mascara.

4. It is suitable for both professional use and home use, which is convenient for you.

5. It is made of high quality material, which is long lasting and easy to clean.