LPOW 2 Pack Exfoliating Silicone Shower Brush, Wet & Dry Brushing, with Silicone Body Brush Shower Scrubber (Purple+Blue)

  • $16.99

1. Brand: LPOW

2. Listing Date: 2021.07.11

High quality materials: lpow silicone body scrubber uses high-quality silicone as raw material, which is easy to clean, fast drying, no residue and no deformation

Double Sided Design: our silicone body scrubber is double-sided and has two different uses. First, it can gently remove grease and black face. The second side is very suitable for facial massage, improve blood circulation, exfoliate and better absorb skin care cream.

Applicable crowd: silicone body scrubber is made of 100% pure silicone, which is soft and safe for any type of skin. When using our silicone gel brush to clean face and body, it will not cause irritation. Suitable for the whole body, including face, back, thighs, hips, chest, feet, etc

How to use it: when you shower, use the shower gel to foam the body, then wipe the skin with silica gel body scrubber. Dry brush can remove dead skin cells, promote the renewal of new cells, and release metabolic waste and toxins from the skin.