LPOW Arm Bands Arm Trimmers for Women Men Weight Loss Upper Arm Shaper Fat Burner Sauna Sweat Band Body Exercise Wraps with Pocket

  • $19.99

Brand: LPOW

 Listing date: Jan. 17, 2019

1. Maximize Fat Burning: This slimming bands increases thermal activity and boosts sweat during exercise, increasing weight loss, refining your upper arms, helping to redraw your figure and lose bicep area fat. It promotes blood circulation, helps burn calories and eliminate toxins, helps to redraw the silhouette and to get rid of bingo wings & tone your arms

2. Contoured & Flexes for Custom Fit: Double Velcro design trimmer is naturally flexible to adjust to your size and shape and contoured to fit around your arms comfortably during exercise.Pocket Design is convenient for storing mobile phones during exercise.

3. Anti-Slip: The armband with a special non-slip grid interior surface to prevent arm support from sliding or sliding during physical activity. Wavy profile and flexible arm trainer belt with adjustable straps.

4. High Quality Material: The sweat belt is made of high quality neoprene, soft and durable, can store heat, stimulate body heat and perspiration, is not sticky, no odor.

5. Unisex and Versatile Use: The weight loss armbands are suitable for almost all workouts or activities, such as cycling, walking, basketball, fitness, yoga, outdoor activities and so on. It can prevent injuries and lose that extra abdominal fat, giving you a different sports experience.