LPOW Brooms – Heavy Duty Floor Sweeper with Fine Bristles & Adjustable Steel Handle - Dust Sweeping for Home or Office Wood, Laminate, Linoleum and Tile Floors

  • $32.99

Brand: LPOW   Listing date: Jul. 06, 2019

1. EFFICIENT SWEEPING: When you need to sweep, grab this lightweight, Fuller Brush Black Kitchen Broom. This sturdy broom allows you to get the job done right, quickly sweeping up dust and messes with ease to deliver dirt-free floors in no time at all.

2. FINE PARTICLE PICK-UP: Made with Fuller Brush quality, the split-end, polystyrene bristles are designed to insure pick-up of fine particles – including sugar, salt and crumbs on all hard surfaces – while resisting chemicals, oil and grease.

3. IDEAL HEIGHT: Specifically designed for your kitchen with a low-profile, rectangular head, this broom with 3” length bristles, easily reaches under your kitchen cabinets and along all baseboards with a 10-inch sweeping path for optimal cleaning.

4. SUPERIOR REACH: Easily reach those unattainable areas without bending or stooping. The Broom comes with an Adjustable Telescopic Steel Handle that adjusts to your preferred height from 29 to 52 inches. Extended to a full 52 inches – this Handle exceeds the length of many broom handles – for a more comfortable sweeping motion. Have limited storage space? Adjust to shorter length for compact storage in cabinet, closet or in motor home and camper.