LPOW Personal Compact Mirrors Compact Mirror Makeup Mirror Round for travel Purses 2x 1x Magnification Folding Mirror Portable with Handheld Mini Pocket Mirror Unicorn Pattern for Women Girls

  • $14.99

Brand: LPOW

Listing date: Jan. 13, 2019

1. Compact Mirror: Makeup mirror for purses and travel, the ORIGINAL 2x 1x Magnifying Compact Mirror.

2. Two-sided Makeup Mirror: 2X Magnification for close up tweezing or makeup application, 1x True View.

3. Slim design: The diameter of this round makeup mirror is 2.75 inches. It fits in your purse or handbag and is easy to carry wherever you go.

4. Lightweight and convenient: You can open it to a full 180-degree angle and conveniently adjust the distance.