LPOW Plastic Storage Tanks Outdoor Plastic Water Storage Container, Household Portable Large-Capacity Water Storage Bucket with Lid, Horizontal Square Water Storage Tank, for Garden/Farm/Camping

  • $99.99

Brand: LPOW

Listing date: Jan. 11, 2019

1.High-quality materials: Made of safe and environmentally friendly high-density polyethylene. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, with good wear resistance, toughness and cold resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, and Acid-base, aging resistance, long service life.

2. Practicability: Increase the thickness of the barrel wall, resist pressure and fall, sturdy and durable, resist fall and pressure, and have super toughness; the design of large diameter makes it easy to clean the barrel; the design of the faucet can flexibly control the water discharge.

3.Portable design: Portable handle design on the side, convenient to move and carry, can be easily placed on your car.

4.Multifunctional: This large-capacity water storage container has a wide range of applications, suitable for various water storage and transportation occasions, garden water storage, farm drought-resistant irrigation, water storage and transportation, watering and washing cars, fire protection storage, construction water, etc.