LPOW Wig Caps 20 Pieces Brown Wig Caps, Soft Thin Stretchy Nylon Stocking Wig Caps

  • $9.99

Brand: LPOW    Listing date: Jan. 22, 2019

1. PACKAGE: Package includes 20 brown dome wig caps, and each 2 nylon wig caps are overlapped on a paper board. They are cost-effective stocking wig caps for long and short hair.

2. COLOR: These perfect skin tone wig caps blend very well with peanut butter brown complexion. Netgo brown wig stocking caps are elaborately designed for black women, men and kids.

3. SOFT MATERIAL: Our brown wig caps can be used as bald head wig caps for lace front wigs. Thin stocking and soft fabric make it so breathable for the scalp, you will forget you are wearing a wig.

4. DESIGN FEATURES: Light, strong, and stretchy. One size fits most.