narnel Travel Pillow Memory Foam Neck Pillow Support - Comfortable & Breathable Cover - Machine Washable, Airplane Pillow Kit with 3D Sleep Mask, Earplugs, and Luxury Bag(Pink)

  • $24.99

Brand: narnel
Listing Date: 2020. 04.13

1. 【Qualified material】100% pure memory foam, easily to be any shape as needed and getting back to original shape within one second, can be repeated countless times. With anti-yellow, anti-hardening, anti-bacteria.

2. 【Soft Support Material】Pillowcase made of Super soft silver fox texture plush velour fine soft, not pilling, not fade, give your skin mild care, Fits adults and kids. The pillow cover features an easy to use zipper, easy to clean.

3. 【Ergonomic Design】narnel Travel pillow would be your ideal choice during the trip,our pillow with Multi-angle protection of the cervical spine - the rear hump shape fixed cervical spine, to prevent the head side slip; both sides of the groove, natural fit, to reduce the amount of bone pressure; front plus high, to prevent excessive head down Tilt, conducive to cervical line health protection.

4. 【Portable travel set】 All the travel set in a light weight, portable and compacted bag, including a pure memory foam travel pillow, a 3d EVA sleeping eye mask and a memory foam earplug. Very convenient to travel by airplane, train or cars. When you relax yourself leaning against the pillow, wearing the sleeping mask and earplug keeping from the light and noise.