vosome Mica Powder Colorant 3oz (85g) [Neon Green] | Pearlescent Pigment | Tint | Pure Mica Powder for Resin | Dye | Non-Toxic | Great for Epoxy, Soap, Nail Polish, Cosmetics and Bath Bombs

  • $15.99

Brand: vosome

Listing Date: 2020. 07.15

1. TIRED OF CONSTANTLY BUYING MINI PACKS OF MICA POWDER? LOOK NO FURTHER! - Our Vosome Pure Mica Powder comes in variety of sizes: 0.25 oz, 3 oz, 10 oz.
2. Over 60 different base colors you can choose from and you can achieve more colors by mixing multiple colors.
3. SAFE PURE MICA POWDER FOR ALL OF YOUR DIY PROJECTS - Our pure mica is safe for all of your DIY projects such as Melt & Pour Soap, Candles, Bath Bombs (use with Polysorbate 80), Slime Making, Nail Polish, Cosmetics, Paint, Automotive Paint, Epoxy, Concrete, and More.
4. Easy to Carry | Easy to Use | Easy to Store | Resealable Bag